The Best Gorilla Trekking Company

The Best Gorilla Trekking Company should at least be a member of a  country’s tour operators’ association. Such association is an umbrella body that unites safari companies.

Uganda has got several tour operators offering safaris also in Rwanda and Congo. But before you book you gorilla safari with any of them, first find out whether that company is a member of the various Uganda Tour operator associations. For Uganda’s case, find out if that company is a registered member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) or whether it has a license issued by the Uganda Tourism Board to offer tourism services.

Make a gorilla safari booking with a company that has those attributes. Secure a gorilla permit through them and eventually let them organise a gorilla trip for you. In actual sense, you need a company that is accountable to a government regulatory body or a vibrant umbrella body. Just in case of some shortcomings in services delivery, you have a line or redress.

Speedway Safaris is a member of AUTO and Uganda Safari Guides’ Association (UGASAF). The company is also licensed by the Minsitry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.