Gorilla Permit

Gorilla Permit

Buy a Gorilla Permit for trekking gorillas in Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga National Park.

To Book Gorilla Permits, one has got to send us an inquiry first to confirm gorilla permit availability.

Upon agreeing with us a gorilla trip package and makes a payment, then we go ahead to Secure Permit for that person if he is a single traveler or many permits in case its a group of individuals.

Buy a Permit through us, you can use the Telegraphic Transfer after we have availed to you our bank account details or pay by credit card using any of the two links

A Gorilla Permit in Uganda goes for USD 600. And you are at liberty to choose the sector of Bwindi where you want to track gorillas. We do make permit booking for clients at no extra charges as longer as you have confirmed a safari with us.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Gorilla Permits

For Uganda’s case, gorilla permit is a card issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to qualify one to participate in mountain gorilla trekking  in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park or Mgahinga National Park. This permit enables a visitor to see gorillas for a one full hour even the exercise of trekking may take between 1 to 9 hours in the jungle. The Gorilla Permit Booking Information is targeted preparing you well for a gorilla safari.

Without a trekking permit, you cannot access the national parks for gorilla trekking. There are several companies that could help you secure a permit for any region in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga National Park. There are over 10 gorilla families in Bwindi forest where each group is visited by 8 tourists per  day. When you buy a gorilla permit, you are supporting the conservation and continuity of Mountain gorillas in Uganda. Some of the proceeds from gorilla tourism go to the conservation efforts and also support communities that live near the parks.