Mount Nyiragongo

A complete Guide to Mount Nyiragongo Volcanic Crater, its hiking and where to stay, how to reach there and more vital information.

Mount Nyiragongo, the World’s Biggest Active Volcano.

Mount Nyiragongo is a splendid lively or active volcano that features the globe’s largest lava lake branding it among a few volcanoes on the African continent offering top climbing and hiking options. Standing among the great geographical secrecies in the account of volcanic excursions, Nyiragongo is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is part of the vast Virunga National park. The mountain is approximately 20 kms north of Goma town and Lake Kivu on the western side of Rwanda border. Goma is positioned on Lake Kivu northern shores, about a kilometer from the border of Rwanda near Gisenyi town.


Burning Lava in the Mount Nyiragongo Crator

The fine-looking stratovolcano is well-known for insistent active volcanic movement in its enormous crater lake on top of its peak. This is what any volcanic fanatic would love to see down into the roiling lava lake, listen to hot gases burning up giving a chance of an exceptional photo taking. Even though the mountain is predictable and harmless for tourists, the required time to reach the top dependent on the standard suitability of each cluster of tourists. The landscapes vary in phases through the ascent, dense jungle characterized by very big ant masses plus open trees that harbor reptiles.

The volcano’s afforested lower hills are a home-base to a diversity of creatures like the bushbucks, colobus monkeys, the blue monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees offers a thrilling chance to experience the extensive views of the western division of the Albertine rift. Climb ascent a 1.2 km length summit hovered with devoid of foliage of heathers and ferns recuperating from the astonishing ferocious volcanic outbursts that left hundreds of people displaced in the neighboring Goma town in 2002.

When you land at Kigali International Airport, drive across Gisenyi town through Ruhengeri to the Rwanda –Congo border near the town of Goma.  While in Gisenyi, you could also wish to take a boat cruise on Lake Kivu. Drive onward for about two hours to Mikeno lodge which is less than a 60 minutes’ drive to Kibati patrol post.

Trekking to the top of Nyiragongo begins at Kibati patrol post timely in the morning after breakfast almost 30 minutes by road from Goma.

It takes between 4 to 6 hours’ hike to reach the peak of Nyiragongo and it starts from an elevation of about 1,989 – 3,470 meters. Experienced guides will lead all your walks after attesting your thorough mountaineering skills. Prior to making a trek, make sure you have packed well as there is no food service on top of the hill as conditions may warrant. Hired porters will carry heavy bags not larger than the officially recommended15 kgs which will make your journey more delightful than you anticipated.

For physically fit people, there is a possibility of ascending and descending Nyiragongo in one day. Once you reach the highest point of Nyiragongo following a stroll via the lava rocks, you will definitely have an all-encompassing view of Virunga Mountains National Park in Congo. An early sundown dinner and an overnight stay at the Nyiragongo Cabins constructed on the verge of a lava lake will offer you in the late dark hours a view of the shadowy vision outside of lava, the amalgamating and outrageous lava pillars. Sighting rock plates detached and extraordinarily form a spider-web like design archetypally makes Mount Nyiragongo Lava Lake a unique feature with eye-catching views you will perpetually marvel about in your lifespan.

Having had a vigorous ascent through the magma rocks of Nyiragongo across its woody slopes, go downhill from the top to Goma town for night stay at Mikeno lodge and you will have a spectacular view of Lake Kivu.

After an early breakfast, take a short outing in Goma city to get an insight into the most damaging effects of the infamous 2002 lava explosions that left the city ruined. During the eruptions of 2002, Cars and buildings were entombed in magma. You will also have final background views of Mount Nyiragongo as Goma is positioned in the shadow of the stratovolcano that is modestly impressive.

The bright ongoing economic development in Kivu and Goma reflect the political stability of Rwanda and Congolese. This environment is characterized by safe holidays of trippers and a remarkable low level of law-breaking against tourists. Even though foreseeable and safe for visitors, Nyiragongo is momentously afraid of during lava discharges. You will have your lunch in Goma waiting to be transferred to Kigali.

Take an Adventure to Nyiragongo Volcano 

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