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Gorilla Trekking Services: Africa Gorilla Tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

Gorilla Trekking Services is a Uganda Gorilla Tour Company specialized in gorilla safaris in Africa. We offer gorilla safaris and tours in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo where mountain gorillas are only found. Mountain Gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda plus Virunga National Park in Congo. Gorilla Trekking Services is available to take you to any of the mountain gorilla trekking destinations in the 3 countries.  The services we offer in line with gorilla tourism include gorilla tracking adventures, Gorilla Permit Bookings, and Gorilla Habituation Experience. Other components of our gorilla safari services comprise of transfers to the parks including ground transfer or flying Entebbe to Bwindi or Mgahinga plus accommodation bookings for stay during the trips.

Gorilla Trekking UgandaAt our gorilla safari company, we give all the detailed information regarding mountain gorillas and gorilla tours. In this website, we have answered all the frequently asked questions about gorilla trekking. Anything that is puzzling you about this amazingly interesting adventure, look deeper in this website. We have paraded the various trekking options for these primates that recently graduated from being critically endangered to merely endangered, thanks to all the gorilla conservation efforts.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Trekking gorillas in Uganda is done either from Kigali in Rwanda or Entebbe in Uganda. Gorilla trekking in Uganda from Kigali is commonly requested for since Rwanda is closer to the gorilla parks in Uganda than Entebbe. And this makes Kigali to Bwindi trips among the cheapest ways for trekking gorillas in Uganda. On the other hand, one may fly from Entebbe to Bwindi or Mgahinga to trek gorillas. Starting a safari from Entebbe or Kampala by road transfer is an option available for those going to see gorillas and do other tour activities in Uganda.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Rwanda is one of the 3 countries where mountain gorillas are found at its Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris are done at a cost of USD 1500 for a permit per person. This makes this adventure the most costly in the region. Mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda usually begins from Kigali and the journey takes about 2 hours through the hilly countryside to reach the gorilla park. When you visit Rwanda, you may choose either to do a Kigali city tour, do chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park, game drive in Akagera National Park or enjoy golden monkey trekking at the Volcanoes National Park. The four national parks in Rwanda have a lot to offer in terms of primate tours, wildlife safaris as well as nature and community tours. There are also other tour activities to do at any of the tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Mountain Gorilla Safaris in Congo

Virunga National Park in Congo has around 250 mountain gorillas organized under 8 habituated mountain gorilla groups that are open to visitors that love gorilla trekking in Congo. Mount Nyiragongo is another attraction that sees many tourists visiting the park just to see the boiling lava lake at the peak of the volcano. Starting the trip from Kigali, one is able trek gorillas in this second-largest country in Africa, and the 11th-largest in the world. A Congo gorilla permit is at USD 400 per person. The one hour stay with gorillas plus the trekking rules and regulations apply similarly in this sub-Saharan country like in Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking from Kigali

1 Day Gorilla Trekking in Uganda from Kigali in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking

Visit Mountain gorillas in Uganda from Kigali to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. Enjoy a gorilla trekking adventure in the forest and return to Kigali on the same day.

2 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking from Rwanda to Bwindi

Gorilla Trekking

Enjoy gorilla trekking in Uganda from Kigali by flying into Rwanda and trek Uganda gorillas. Book a gorilla permit and enjoy an affordable safari to Bwindi forest. From Kigali, you may also trek gorillas in Mgahinga.

3 Days Gorilla Safari from Kigali to Bwindi or Mgahinga

Gorilla Trekking Uganda from Kigali

This 3 days Uganda gorilla ttrekking from Kigali to Bwindi Impenetrable forest entails a Kigali city tour prior to transfer to Uganda for gorilla adventure experience on Day 2 and return to Rwanda on day 3.

Gorilla Safaris in Uganda from Kampala or Entebbe

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda A 3 Days Gorilla adventure tour in Uganda takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga National Park, the two park where gorillas in Uganda live. This road trip runs from Kampala or Entebbe.

4 Days Uganda Gorilla Tracking and Wildlife Safaris

Mountain Gorilla Trekking UgandaThis Uganda gorilla tour involves gorilla visit in Bwindi plus wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park which include game drive tours as well as boat cruise on the magnificent Kazinga Channel.

3 Days Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda

Uganda Gorilla Trekking ToursGorilla habituation experience means staying for 4 hours closely with the mountain gorillas. This trip will give you a comprehensive physical closeness with the endangered primates in Bwindi Forest.

4 Day Double Gorilla Trekking Tours in Uganda

Gorillas in UgandaDo Double gorilla trekking in Uganda and enjoy the endangered primates to your satisfaction. Trek gorillas for two consecutive days with different gorilla families/groups in the thick jungles of Bwindi National Park.

3 Days Gorilla Tracking in Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla TrekkingHave a chance to visit and trek the Nyakagezi Gorilla group, the only family in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This trip can begin from Kigali or Entebbe and back. One may also fly from Entebbe to Kisoro and move to the park.

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda

Gorillas in Uganda

Choose from a variety of selected 3 day gorilla safari packages including those starting from Kampala /Entebbe by road and flying plus those trips from Kigali in Rwanda as well as gorilla habituation experience tour.

Entebbe to Bwindi Flights to Trek Gorillas

These tours are all about gorilla trekking in Uganda by flying from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable forest or Mgahinga National Park. When you fly from Entebbe Airport, you will either land at Kihihi or Kisoro town Airstrips. Upon landing, you will be transferred to the lodge awaiting the next day’s jungle excursion. You will stay 3 days, 2 nights in Bwindi before flying back to Entebbe after trekking the gentle giants. Flying to Bwindi may be by a scheduled flight or a chartered chopper or a fixed-winged aircraft. Find our tourism partners who have helped us market our services.

3 Days Gorilla Trek Uganda – Fly Entebbe to Bwindi Forest

Entebbe to Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Take a scheduled flight from Entebbe to Bwindi forest to trek gorillas. Land at Kihihi Airstrip or Kisoro Airfield and then transfer to the park, trek gorillas on day 2 and fly back on day 3.

Gorilla Trekking Trip by flying from Entebbe to Kisoro Airstrip

Fly Entebbe to Bwindi Fly to Kisoro and trek any of the mountain gorilla groups of eastern or southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This trip is among the luxury gorilla safaris in Uganda.

Charter a Chopper to Bwindi or Mgahinga to Visit Gorillas

Charter Flights UgandaTake a flight from Entebbe to Bwindi National Park or Kisoro Airstrip near Mgahinga gorilla park for a thrilling gorilla adventure. Fly back on the third day to catch up with another international flight.

1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour 

This short gorilla trip begins early in the morning from Kigali in Rwanda to the Volcanoes National park in the north of the country and end in the evening at the starting point.

2 Day Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tour

You will start the gorilla trip from Kigali in the morning with a scenic drive to the Volcanoes National Park, stay overnight near the park, track gorillas the next day and return to Kigali.

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Go gorilla trekking in on this 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour with Gorilla Trekking Services and enjoy a close encounter with the endangered primates in Volcanoes National Park.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Uganda Tours and Safaris

Besides visits to see gorillas, Uganda has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife safaris. This include game drive safaris, adventure tours, community, nature, cultural and recreation outdoor activities among others. Birding, mountain climbing, sport fishing, historical tours plus honeymoon holiday tours are some of the activities you may enjoy while on safaris tours in Uganda. With 10 national parks plus numerous wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, you can only exhaust the country when you take a longer holiday trip. These trips involve tours to other parts of Uganda with Mgahinga or Bwindi Gorilla safari encounters on the safari itineraries.

5 Days Gorilla, Wildlife Safaris and Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee trekking UgandaVisit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for a gorilla trek, proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park and do a Kazinga Channel boat cruise, a game drive plus chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge.

10 Days Uganda Safaris and Gorilla Trekking Tours

Murchison Boat CruiseDo a Murchison Falls safari with a launch cruise and game safari, chimp tracking in Kibale, game and boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park and conclude with a gorilla safari adventure in Bwindi.

7 Day Chimpanzee, Wildlife Safaris and Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Trekking Uganda Tour Kibale National Park for chimp tracking and Bigodi swamp nature walk, enjoy game safari and boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park & visit Bwindi forest to see gorillas in the wild.

18 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris and Tours

Uganda Safaris and tours

This Uganda safaris and tour package will lead you to all the major tourist attractions in Uganda including Bwindi forest for gorilla trekking, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale forest and Murchison Falls among others.

9 Days Rhino Trekking, Safari Tours and Gorilla Adventure

rhino trekking Uganda Visit Ziwa rhino sanctuary for rhino trekking, Murchison Falls for wildlife safaris, Kibale for chimp tracking and nature, Queen Elizabeth Park for safaris and end with Bwindi gorilla trekking.

10 Days Uganda Adventure Safaris and Expedition Tours

Sempaya Hot Springs This Uganda adventure safari trip will take you to Semuliki for a hot springs tour, Queen Elizabeth park for safaris and boat voyage plus Bwindi and Lake Mburo for a gorilla trek and wildlife safari respectively.

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