Gorilla Made Famous by Dian Fossey ‘comes back From the Dead’.

Gorilla Made Famous by Dian Fossey ‘comes back From the Dead’.

It can’t be—yet it is. Three months after he vanished without a follow, Cantsbee the mountain gorilla has returned.

One of the last two mountain gorillas christened and studied by Dian Fossey, Cantsbee was assumed dead last October.

No gorilla of Cants bee’s stature has ever been watched leaving his family aggregate willfully, and proceeded with inquiries of his home in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park yielded no indication of the 38-year-old silverback, as per the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. The normal age for a person in this gorilla populace is some place in the 20s.

However on 5th of January, trackers in the national stop affirmed that the colossal chimp had rejoined his gathering; where he’s been this time is impossible to say.

Tara Stoinski, leader of the Atlanta-based Gorilla Fund, says it’s very far-fetched that the predominant male kept running off with a formerly obscure female or might have joined another gathering.

Cantsbee was conceived in 1978, that year Fossey established the Digit Fund, a gorilla-conservation bunch. The Digit Fund was renamed in Fossey’s respect after she was killed in 1985. Of the many creatures Fossey watched actually, just two remain—Cantsbee and an elderly female named Poppy.

In his lifetime, Cantsbee has constructed a noteworthy resume: longest lived male ever recorded, pioneer of the biggest troop any researcher has ever watched, and father of more posterity than any gorilla known to science. What’s more, now with his sudden reemergence, his legend keeps on developing.

Strangely, before Cantsbee’s vanishing, his child Gicurasi had gradually been going up against a more noteworthy position of authority. Actually, he turned into the gathering’s beneficiary evident in the more established male’s nonappearance. Stoinski says it’s misty how those parts will change now that Cantsbee is back—yet that her trackers are anxious to perceive how everything plays out.

At the point when Cantsbee vanished in October, trackers weren’t amazed: Gorillas can’t live perpetually, all things considered, and this one had a superior keep running than most.

The silverback’s arrival, be that as it may, is endlessly all the more fascinating, if for no other explanation than that it revises what we contemplated predominant male conduct

He could leave once more, however now, on the off chance that he does, the suspicion won’t be made that he passed away,” said Stoinski. “This has shown us something.”

Cantsbee’s name has a capricious story. While watching the troop, Fossey had initially mixed up Cantsbee’s mom for a male. So when the researcher appeared one morning and discovered this evidently male gorilla nursing a baby, Fossey obviously shouted, “It can’t be!”

“It was a moment of realization, and now it’s a similar thing,” says Stoinski. “I simply believe it’s adorable that he’s earned his name twice.”





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Karisimbi Offers New Opportunities for Tourism

Karisimbi Offers New Opportunities for Tourism

Karisimbi Offers New Opportunities for Tourism in Rwanda as the long anticipated development of the cable car up to the top of the volcanoes will soon turn into a reality.

Not exclusively will it be anew expansion to the tourism circuit, it will likewise clear route to the fast acknowledgement of numerous critical undertakings; particularly the lead Karisimbi Project.

Karisimbi includes an airspace administration stage, an atmosphere observatory station keep running in conjunction with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, and an advanced telecom foundation.

So the link auto will open new open doors up the 4,500-meter mountain, and this is the ideal opportunity for investors to get on drawing board.

At the point when lions were reintroduced in Akagera National Park, traveler numbers topped to an unsurpassed high, more so the nearby guests.

Lions had been wiped out in the most recent decade because of human-untamed life clashes. Since issue is no more as an electric fence was introduced around the limits of the recreation center.

Nyungwe National Park was a detached poachers’ heaven before tourism authorities took a distinct fascination. Today, a five-star hold up and the one of a kind overhang walk have put it on the tourism guide and it is overflowing with guests.

Rwanda is currently a tourism goal of decision where wellbeing, great correspondence systems and extraordinary tourism encounters go past the mountain gorilla trail.

Numerous tourism bundles are springing up yet nearby financial specialists are moderate in exploiting what is on offer. In any case, it is urging to note that not everybody is sleeping.

A few ladies bunches have opened their ways to explorers and now have guided visits in a standout amongst the most well-known neighborhood; Nyamirambo. So let Karisimbi be the new boondocks to win.





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A Gorilla museum Opened in Musanze

A Gorilla Museum Opened in Musanze

A new gorilla museum that will exhibit the entire story about mountain gorillas in Rwanda has been opened in Musanze.

The new reopened museum is named as Karisoke exhibit and this is a branch child of the Karisoke research center which managed by the Dian Fossey gorilla fund international (DFGFI) which is an international gorillas conservation organization.

The establishment of DFGFI was to carry on the legacy and great memory left by an American zoologist, primatologist and anthropologist Dian Fosse who is remembered for her great work of studying and protecting mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Karisoke research center was founded in 1967 to study the endangered mountain gorillas. The place was a rain forested camp and it was built between mount Karisimbi and mount Bisoke. Therefore its name Karisoke attributes to its unique location.

Dian Fossey was very known to most of the locals as Nyiramacibiri which was Kinyarwanda name meaning a woman who lives alone on the mountain.

Currently, the center plays an essential part in mountain gorilla conservation efforts in coalition with other stakeholders.

Karisoke research center has survived sine Fossey’s death in 1985, and the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. During the genocide, it was demolished three times before government finally relocated it to present-day site in Musanze town, just opposite the Musanze Pension Plaza.

It therefore from points that Dian Fossey’s conservation efforts and legacy remains to prosper.

Gorillas obscured.

It was on Friday evening during the official launch to open gorilla museum in Musanze when a number of guests were led into the forest for a guided tour which comprised of three parts.

The first part was known as gorilla room and it comprised of two huge exhibits, the male human Skeleton and he male gorilla Skeleton. These were being displayed in the first room.

In this room, it is where the genetic relationships between man and gorillas are explained. You will learn about the differences in physical build between gorilla and man, and between male and female gorilla. Displays and records on the walls further give details on the life history of the mountain gorilla, life expectancy, reproduction, and infant mortality.

In the corner of the room, there is a wall of fame where names of gorillas that were killed by the poachers over a number of past years are being written on the wall together with theirs years of life time and the years when they were being killed.

The second part is the Dian Fossey room which has all information relating to her gorilla conservation efforts ,the  field notes, book excerpts, field photographs, newspaper printouts and many more others. Here guests are allowed to read through all the documents kept within the room.

The second room has the biggest attraction; there is a small store of personal properties recovered from Fossey’s original site –an old and rustic office table and chairs, a large traditional drum, and a small book shelf –which were all in her private chalet.

The third room is known as The Virtual Virunga. In it is a giant three-dimensional meditation of mountain gorillas stretching from data, satellite imagery and topographic map, projected electronically through a bed of sand.

Somewhere else in another different rooms there are displays illustrating the threats to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, and beekeeping is one the threats  that mountain gorillas used to face in the  park.

However ones entrance is prohibited without proper permit and unfettered beekeeping within park boundaries is still an even illegal happening. The traditional method of honey collection involves using fire to chase bees from their hives. Often the fire scathes nearby trees and other vegetation hence destroying gorilla habitats.

In the second corner of the gorilla museum, you will see displays of different animal species that are found in the volcanoes national park.

The Dian Fossey Fund emphases on two major subspecies of gorillas in Rwanda and the DRC –the mountain gorilla and the Grauer’s gorilla. Mountain gorillas are boundless to two populations; the Virunga population projected at about 480 individuals, and the Bwindi population projected at 380 individuals. Regardless of these small numbers, the mountain gorilla is the great ape and the population in increasing slowly. They are the major researched about ape’s species.

The Director for Karisoke Research Center Felix Ndagijimana officially opened the Karisoke Research Center exhibit and the place is open to tourists and local spectators o visit the exhibit and get information on gorillas and conservation like what Dian Fossey had done.

The exhibit opens from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm weekly days.

Tara Stoinski, President and CEO of The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International also come from Atlanta US to attend the function.

She explained that “It’s a great honor for us to be part of the event and to be able to have this exhibit to inform people more about gorilla conservation, not only about the work that we do, but also other important conservation initiatives happening in the Volcanoes National Park,” she explained.

As she was giving her remarks she said that this is the 50th anniversary working here in Rwanda. Dian Fossey came here in 1967 to study the gorillas, so next September will be 50 years since she established Karisoke, and we’re very proud to have that kind of history here in Rwanda.

It is now fifteen years since we started working in the DRC, trying to help Grauer’s gorillas which have now been listed as critically endangered.”

Its only DRC AND Rwanda where conservation programs the fund runs on the region. The two setups work with a local staff of 150 enthusiastic employees; 115 of them in Rwanda and 35 in the DRC –a clear pointer to the organization’s larger presence in Rwanda.

The fund also maintains a skeletal team in Atlanta, US that handles its communications and fund raising.

Tara said that they are mainly concentrating on four areas, one is protection-working with partners in the Rwandan government to provide daily protection to the gorillas, and the second emphasis is science –we’re very dedicated to doing science both on the gorillas and also the bio diversity in the park, and we hope that this science can play an important role in determining how we conserve these animals.

The other two areas were we emphasis on training of young African scientists. We have a partnership with the University of Rwanda where we bring Biology students here at Karisoke and teach them classes on conservation, field methodology and bio diversity, and we also support students to do their thesis work which they need to graduate,” Tara further explained.

“The last thing we focus on  is working with local communities. For conservation to work it’s important that local communities understand the need for conservation, and also the value of the gorillas and their habitat. We do a lot of work with primary and secondary schools around the park, we work with some of the adult communities showing them conservation movies and bringing local leaders into the park, and we also work on some of the health and livelihood issues.”


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RwandAir gets another Boeing Plane

RwandAir gets another Boeing Plane


The Boeing 737-800NG at Kigali International Airport.

RwandAir gets another Boeing Plane

RwandAir has acquired a Boeing 737-800NG, baptized as Kalisimbi joining an existing fleet of 9 airplanes.

The carrier, RwandAir’s latest plane acquisition, Boeing 737-800NG is the first of two new orders from the US manufacturer.

Rwanda gets reasonable revenues from Tourism especially gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park. A successful aviation industry impacts positively on tourism in terms of branding and marketing the country, direct flights from far destinations to the country and probably reduced airfares.

The coming of Kalisimbi has increased RwandAir’s fleet to ten aircraft and will facilitate the airline’s developing routes in Africa and beyond.

In September this year, the airline got a brand new Airbus 330-200, -named ‘Ubumwe’, meaning Unity.

The new plane comes at a time when the airline is arranging to begin flights next year to Gatwick, the second-busiest airport in London after Heath-row. Plans to fly into the American airspace are underway and flight is expected in the 2017.

Of recent, the airline started flights to Cotonou, Benin and Abidjan, Ivory Coast bringing the number of flight destinations to 19 in total.

These include Nairobi, Mombasa, Entebbe, Lusaka, Bujumbura, Douala in Cameroon, Juba, Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salaam, Cotonou, Johannesburg, Lagos, Libreville Dubai and Brazzaville.

The airline will soon open routes to Harare, Zimbabwe and Mumbai in India sooner than later.

RwandAir expansion dependent upon the projected airline’s capacity to grow from the current 500,000 passengers, a year to over 3 million in coming five years.

RwandAir is an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certified. The internationally-recognized and acknowledged evaluation and certification body ratifies that the airline’s operative management and control systems adhere to international civil aviation safety standards.


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Why You Should Visit Rwanda


Rwanda is small country found in East Africa which numerous natural wonders that could attract you to visit Rwanda. Rwanda is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas found at the Volcanoes National Park where gorilla trekking is the major tourist activity. It’s difficult not to enjoy an exciting and adventurous safari you’ve always dreamed about in your life. Rwanda, well-known as ‘land of thousand hills’ is an perfectly good-looking country; branded by attractive savannah, rolling hills and deep valleys, plentiful wildlife and regular aesthetics. Its capital city is attractive and so lovely, very clean and organized with many sights and delights.

Most people have less knowledge about Rwanda; they only know it as one of the under-developed African countries that have nothing to offer which is a total myth. If you want to discharge your regular drudgery, you should maybe visit Rwanda and experience adrenaline propelling adventures and see fascinating wonder that Rwanda holds rather than visiting any of the country in the world that I believe it is less nature gifted than Rwanda.

Instead of scheduling to visit other countries such as United States, Europe or Canada, bring attention to your adventurous part and have you holiday in Rwanda. The East African country’s attractiveness is inestimable and has so numerous belongings to offer to any visitor, from severe safaris such as gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, chimpanzee tracking to lake or beach adventures for relaxation game drives, boat cruises, nature walks, cultural encounter birding, canopy walks, city tour and very many others. You may still be doubting about all the above, just sit and  think of booking safari with us, from here you will get to know that Rwanda is the perfect country to have a wonderful memorable safari that is  beyond expectation .Therefor here are reason why you would make Rwanda number one choice country to visit.

How to get to Rwanda.

By air.

Receiving a Rwanda visa is simple. Visa is issued on arrival for $50. You can also fly using Air Rwanda, the national transporter of Rwanda, the cheapest and fastest airline that wings to Rwanda. Visas and passports are compulsory by all people of Rwanda apart from the citizens of the US, Germany and France. The finest place to apply for a visa is in one of the bordering East Africa countries where they can be obtained at roughly US$ 35 for a period of ninety days and are also give out at the Rwandan border where a 15 day transfer visa costs approximately US$ 25 and takes only about 10 minutes to get delivered. Visas for both transit and tourist can be protracted in the Kigali city. Postponements take one or two days and costs US$ 15 for a period of about three months.

By road.

Visitor who would wish to come to Rwanda can enter the country from any one of the transnational boarder junctions between Rwanda to any neighboring country such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and democratic republic of Congo. You will go for police checkups at all boarder and present all the necessary documents that may be required such as, valid Passport National identity Card, specify the purpose for the visit and number of days you will be there.

About safety.

Security is precedence for most tourists, and Rwanda is one of the harmless countries not only in Africa but in the whole world.  Around 2015, the Rwanda was rated as fifth globally and first on the continent in keeping law and order which shows how safe the country is. People feel walking home at night fearing no harm .Violent criminality is close unreal, and the terrorist intimidation that have overwhelmed other East African endpoints have not exaggerated Rwanda.

Climate of Rwanda.

Rwanda has a cool moderate climate with two separate rainy seasons the first beginning in February to April and the second one occurring between Novembers to January at the end of every year. The mountain regions have cooler mid winters with coldness and occasionally snowstorm in the higher ranges. Regular temperatures are modest with daytime temperatures varying from 25-30º Celsius.

Best times to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda can be visited all the year through although the finest time to come to Rwanda is from June till the opening of September as the dry season in the year. In the rainy season between December, March and April, driving through tropical forest to watch the animals becomes risky as many of the roads become inaccessible. There have this in mind as your planning to book your safari with us.

Best attractions or major reasons why you would visit Rwanda.
Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is one of only three countries in the world where you can see about 880 remaining mountain gorillas in the whole world, and watching down one of mankind’s nearby relation in its natural well being is an experience we don’t think you’ll easily forget. These are found volcanoes are sheltered with bamboo grasslands and tropical forest. The park landscape frequently consists of, lakes, swamps marshes, grasslands, meadows, and rainforests and lower tropical forests. The flora and fauna in the Volcanoes National Park attracts you with famous endangered mountain gorillas, Golden Monkey, Spotted Hyena Bushbuck, and Buffalo and very many others.

Book with us a gorilla trekking   safari that I believe will grant you with most amazing memorable, exciting wildlife experience in your entire life. These gentle giants can also be found Uganda (Bwindi impenetrable forest as well as in the Virunga national park in Democratic republic of Congo.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Nyungwe Forest fascinates tourists with its great attentiveness of primates such as Chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys. With frequent wildlife and magnetisms dispersed around the forest, Nyungwe National Park is a residence to be. Recognized for its natural attractiveness and various scenery, the park brags widespread diversity of exhilarating tour activities among which consists of exploration; luxury lodges and plentiful wildlife species.

Rwanda has got all for your adventurous safari. Expect to enjoy striking, interesting history and culture, beach and lakeside magnetisms, astonishing developments, sparkling nightlife and friendly people. These reasons should express to you that Rwanda is truly a great destination, appropriate for your holiday.

Akagera National Park

This is home to most of the wildlife that can be found in Rwanda such as lions, buffaloes, bush babies, Jackson’s heartbeats, and water animals such as hippo with numerous different species of birds. Akagera national park has got interesting activities that will make your safari a brighter such game drives where you have a chance to see a number of animals, boat cruises on Lake Ihema as this will help you relax you mind as you enjoy the cool breath from the nature waters and spotting out water animals and others that would have to take water or swim, you also have a chance to see birds such as the rare shoebill that are found on the shores of the lake.

Rwanda has it all to make your safari unforgotful one. Come and witness the gifted nature with amazing beautiful sceneries of Akagera national park, during the game drives,boatcruises,nature walks or anything else ,this will encounter a lovely attractive sceneries of Rwanda.

Attractive lakes in Rwanda.

Lake Kivu.

Rwanda has tranquility attractive lakes with cool waters and natural decor. The country is absolutely a excessive advert for a releasing lakeside evacuation. The splendid sanctuaries and fashionable luxury at Rwanda lake shores are wonderful. Lakeside exits will unquestionably relax your pace because the lakes overflow with nonviolent scenery. While on lake kivu, expect to enjoy the bout cruise on the lake, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding highlands near the lake, you can spend your time as your relaxing and chilling at the beach or the swimming pool. The place has got the best luxurious hotels that will make you forget about your home, come and have a great vacation at Lake Kivu as you make your safari bookings with us. A vacation in Rwanda will surely renew your body, soul and mind.

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo.

These are Situated at the foothills of volcano Muhabura, enclosed by precipitous mountains with Virunga volcanic mountains in the background, Lake Burera and Ruhondo  are the one of the attractive lakes of Rwanda that mostly visited by tourists after strenuous activities such as gorilla tracking. The gorgeousness of these two lakes is hard to watch. The closeness in a twin like structures will offer you with beautiful scenery that you will live to remember.

Kigali city.

Discover Kigali’s sceneries, which disclose the rolling loveliness of the city. Rwanda is identical with highlands and attractive settings, famous for its beautiful national parks, historical and traditional magnetisms. Kigali suggests much more, from fabulous construction, museums, shopping, wonderful restaurants and hotels, to well-designed cookery and welcoming people.

Along the  city tour, tourists will visit Kigali’s older commercial “quarters”, business and inhabited areas such as the presidential palace, visit significant places memorializing the 1994  Genocide Memorial, have  a guide visit Gisozi Genocide Memorial, and learn about the city’s different localities and indigenous magnetism.

Continue with your tour while visiting local and international restaurants ranging from Chinese,   Italian, North African, East African, bars and coffee shops. Thai and Greek cuisine can be found around the city. Rest-bars are a favorite among Kigali’s residents as tourists enjoy a pleasant banquet timely on and keep around to enjoy the music and drinks afterwards. Kigali’s growing nightlife is sure to entertain any visitor to the city

Once you come to Rwanda, endeavor to  come out of your comfort areas and move around to have memorable Rwanda culture experience. The Rwandans are sociable, friendly and welcoming; their generosity is known to whoever comes to Rwanda. The kindness and sociability of the people and their enthusiasm to help you in any way is such amazing Friendly people.

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Rwanda Air gets first Airbus A330 -200 to its Fleet

Rwanda Air gets first Airbus A330 -200 to its Fleet

Toulouse-the long-awaited national carrier RwandAir has finally arrived. National carrier RwandAir has finally acquired a new airbus 330-200 that has been proudly labeled as “Ubumwe” meaning unity.

The introduction of the new airbus in Rwanda is the first of its kind among all the East African counties. This will support the growth and expansion of RwandAir capacity worldwide, the chief executive John Mirenge, told The News Times in Toulouse, France yesterday.


The New Airbus

The new airbus holds maximum number of 244 passengers and it is expected to land at Kigali international airport at 11 am today carrying more than 80 passenger’s.

The airbus will go a long way in promoting Rwanda tourism industry that the country cherishes so much. Every year, the country gets a lot from the industry especially gorilla tourism.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is considered an exclusive product and each gorilla permit to a single tourist goes for $750 per person. And the country prides itself in the ability for a guest to do a one-day gorilla tour and fly back home in the evening, which is time-friendly.

The new extensive aircraft is the biggest landmark for Africa’s fastest developing Air Company and this will expose many chances in relations to the increasing airlines impression said John Mirenge the chief executives of RwandAir.

“Rwanda is now ready to contest internationally”,Mirenge said, in addition ,he said that Rwanda airline has been growing at average of 20 percent in the last six years and it is presently locating its self as the most well-organized and consistent airline in the region.

The new aircraft that costs about $250 million (about Rwf 200 billion) has brought the airlines total fleet to nine with additional of four planes that is projected to reach by the end of February next year. The new aircraft is to be deployed on the Dubai route.

rwandaairThe second expected Airbus 330-300 is due for carriage in November. conferring to the flying specialist ,the attainment of these two air craft will expressively upsurge RwandAir capacity  to successfully meet the rising petition and offer excellent service quality for  ever-growing ASIA-China and European passage markets.

Before expanding to Western Europe, RwandAir will soon add Mumbai (India), Harare (Zimbabwe) and Guangzhou in china on its list of destination. Corrin Higgs ,the airbus interior marketing director said that the A330

type of aircraft has an effective consistency of 99.4 per cent and boasts the  productivity for all market segment, thus creating it a perfect tie for RwandAir.

The A330 type of aircraft has an operational reliability of 99.4 per cent and boasts efficiency for all market segments, thus making it a perfect match for RwandAir, Corrin Higgs, the Airbus interior marketing director,



The beautiful Interior of the New Airbus

The deployment of the new aircraft means that the airline can now multiply its flight coverage to both Asia and Europe in the next few years. Hadi Akoum, Airbus’s executive vice-president in charge of sales for Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific, commended RwandAir obligation to carry on compelling the lead in emerging the continent’s flying business.

He again said “we are proud of the visionary leadership of the government of Rwanda and RwandAir effort to contribute to the continents aviation industry.

He added that, “the new aircraft reaffirms the confidence between RwandAir and Airbus that therefore they will continue to stand together with the airline to ensure it comprehends its full potential”.

The producer will correspondingly support in the training of the airlines technical engineers and pilots to ensure efficiency and safety said Akoum.

Jacques Kabale, Rwanda’s ambassador to France, said the aircraft means more effectiveness in relations to movement, which will upsurge connectivity and will link Rwanda to the rest of the world.

A financial line of credit costing about $160 million was signed between RwandAir and southern Africa bank (PTA) to support the purchase of two airliners.

The national carrier effectively improved its certificate for the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) for another two years to stay reasonable. IOSA program me is an worldwide recognized evaluation system planned to

evaluate the effective administration and control systems of airlines. And there is courage that with two wide body aircraft, the airline’s capacity could raise from the current 500,000 passengers annually to more than three million in the next coming five years.

The existence of Rwanda Air is a positive symbol of development for the tiny East African country on the recovery course following the 1994 Genocide that engulfed the country and claimed close to a million lives. Thanks to the good leadership of president Paul Kagame.


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Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Congo

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Congo

Gorilla Trekking Tours and Safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park

This is a complete guide to gorilla trekking in the DR Congo, permit prices, when to visit, tour itineraries, lodging and reservation information.

Visit Gorillas in Congo

silverback-gorilla-in-virungaMountain gorillas are found in the Virunga National Park, a UNESCO Heritage site in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park is situated in the eastern side of DR Congo, bordering Uganda and Rwanda. The vast park covers an expanse of 7800 sq. km and is habitat to around 200 mountain gorillas habitually found in the southern fragment of the park.

The authorities of Congolese national park plus the institute of Congolais pour la conservation de la Nature (ICCN) manage the park working closely with Africa Conservation Fund. Over time the gorilla population has enriched and improved at the same time. Thanks to the ranger efforts that have endangered their lives to protect the mountain gorillas remaining.

Virunga National Park is found in the western route of Goma, the capital of North Kivu province. There is transport from Goma to the park arranged by Virunga National park management. Visitors from Rwanda have the best choice of getting to Goma by tour operators’ arrangement as roads are well developed. It is a drive of 3 hours from Kigali to Goma proximate to the border of Democratic republic of Congo. Goma is also accessible from South Western Uganda via Bunagana boarder post where a local visa is obtained at crossing. Besides seeing gorillas in Congo, travelers to Virunga National Park can hike Mount Nyiragongo Volcano.

Trekking Gorillas in Congo is not all that a fantastic adventure as the country was affected by political instabilities and conflicts. On this background, tourists are advised to check the security situation before visiting that region of the country. Political conflicts in Virunga have momentously affected a number of gorillas by destroying their habitats and being poached. Most travel advisories have portrayed the area as unstable and unpredictable for those preparing to visit there.

Gorilla Trekking Regulations and Guidelines in Virunga National park

Gorilla trekking safaris in Virunga National Park have some stringent rules and regulations which must be followed by trackers while enjoying their Congo gorilla safari excursions. They include;

The group size, the groups to trek per day plus the time permitted for spending while with the mountain gorillas. This is done to make sure the well-being of these endangered primates is preserved. Restrictions are due to the fact that mountain gorillas are vulnerable to many human illnesses as a result of the great biological closeness between them and people.

Group Size for the Gorilla Safari: A maximum of eight persons per day are allowed to trek gorillas and this reduces the dispersion of diseases from human beings to the endangered mountain gorillas.

Restrictions on Age: Only those who are 15 years and above permitted to trek

Visiting Hours: gorilla trekking safaris occur during the day between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Time with the gorillas:  1 hour is the time strictly acceptable to be spent with mountain gorillas. 

Gorilla trekking Rules in DR Congo’s Virunga National Park

  • Protecting mountain gorillas is rule number one. This means that if a tracker is sick or has got any infections, he should not be allowed to come in close contact with mountain gorillas.
  • Manners are Vital. Each time you cough or sneeze, turn away your face and also don’t forget to cover your nose and the mouth to reduce on bacteria transfer to the gorillas.
  • You should not over stay with gorillas. Endeavor to stay for one hour only as the officially recommended time visitors must stay with the gorillas.
  • Keeping a distance from the endangered apes.  It is always commended to stay away from the gorillas in a distance of between 5 to 7 meters since they are wild faunas and can effortlessly get diseases from human beings.
  • Behave well during trekking: The park rangers continually guide trekkers to keep their voices low and also to avoid pointing or using flashlights as they take photos of the mountain gorillas.
  • Be prepared: Do not forget to carry water proof jackets and gadgets plus warm gears for the cold conditions in the mountains as it sometimes gets rainy in the forest. Strong and comfortable hiking shoes are highly recommended.
  • No smoking and eating snacks: Visitors are not permitted to drink, eat or smoke during the gorilla trekking exercise.
  • Cleanliness: Always be clean; wash your hands tidily before going for gorilla trekking.
  • Keep hands intact: Do not touch mountain gorillas at any time and constantly keep hands to yourself to elude any possible direct contact with gorillas.
  • Avoid littering within the forest and keep the trash to yourself
  • Keep Calm always: Don’t make direct eye contact just in case the gorilla charges. Stay calm until it goes away.
  • Toilet manners: A ranger will help you dig a hole for use for excretion and will ensure it is fully covered afterwards.

Congo Gorilla permits Costs

In case you are planning to track mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park, it is advisable to book with tour operators like AAB Tours and Travel for proper arrangements. A gorilla trekking permit for Congo is at USD 400. Mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park can be visited anytime throughout the year. In some instances, some pathways are tough to traverse during the rainy seasons of May, April, November and October. During those periods, a gorilla permit is reduced to USD 350. Other months of the year are fine for gorilla trekking since they are dry.

Mountain gorillas as well are found in Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. In Rwanda, similar gorillas inhabit the Volcanoes National Park. A Uganda gorilla permits goes for USD 600 for high season months and USD 450 for low season months of April, May and November. For the case of Rwanda, a gorilla permit is priced at 750 throughout the year whether in the high or low season.

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22 Baby Mountain Gorillas named in Rwanda

22 Baby Mountain Gorillas named in Rwanda


The 12th Gorilla-Naming Ceremony at the Foothills of Volcanoes National Park.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has presided over a ceremony at which 22 baby mountain gorillas were given names.               The annual function code-named Kwita Izina (Gorilla naming ceremony) was also graced by senior government officials, diplomats, international dignitaries, stakeholders in conservation and Rwandan citizens at the base of the Volcanoes National Park.

The names for young gorillas include names attached to characters, bravery, strength, gratefulness and excellence among others.

The following are the names and their meanings

  • 1. Umuhate: Bravery
  • 2. Icyemezo: Decision
  • 3. Mafubo: Excellent character
  • 4. Ntamupaka: No Borders
  • 5. Ireme: Of Great Eminence
  • 6. Ntibisanzwe: Extraordinary
  • 7. Ifatizo: The foundation
  • 8. Kwigira: Self-sufficiency
  • 9. Umuhuza: Intermediary
  • 10. Kura: Grow
  • 11. Ishimwe: Gratefulness
  • 12. Nyampinga: a very good-looking girl
  • 13. Tunganirwa: Succeed
  • 14. Ingemwe: Seeds
  • 15. Umwiza: The Beautiful one
  • 16. Ndizihiwe: I’m Cheerful
  • 17. Ndi Umunyarwanda: I’m a Rwandan
  • 18. Mashami: This baby was born on Palm Sunday
  • 19. Igikombe: Prize
  • 20. Ukwiyunga: Reconciliation
  • 21. Hobe: Embracing
  • 22. Inshungu: Replacement or Blessing

The 2016 event marked the 12th Gorilla Naming Ceremony that started in 2005. And the named young ones bring the total number of mountain gorillas to 283 since 2005.

At present, Rwanda is estimated to have 304 Mountain gorillas, representing 35% of the all-inclusive world’s population. The endangered apes attract hundreds of tourists every year in Rwanda who come for gorilla trekking activities.

All the 304 mountain gorillas inhabit in the Volcanoes National Park at whose foothills the naming ceremony is he in the Northern Province.

Addressing the guests at the annual ritual President Kagame emphasized that Kwita Izina was more to remind all the development stakeholders that their role should be focused on conserving and preserving the country’s environment.

“There is no tradeoff between economic growth and preserving our environment as they supplement each other. When we protect the environment, we are at the same time taking care of ourselves,” said Kagame.

He said further efforts are prerequisite for the conservation to ensure that the communities neighboring national parks benefit more from the country’s tourism industry.

“The more we put our energies in conservation, the more benefits we accumulate, meaning communities will even profit more,” Kagame asserted.

Since the beginning of the Gorilla Naming Ceremony, the government of Rwanda has embraced a tourism revenue-sharing system under which populations nearby national parks acquire a five percent share of yearly proceeds made from the parks.

In a related development, Kagame also suggested naming of lions as the next stride for the country’s tourism segment.


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Kigali Convention Complex to Boost Business in Rwanda

Kigali Convention Complex to Boost Business in Rwanda

The Kigali Convention Centre is a business complex in the centre of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda and is the biggest in the country

The centre is situated on Highway KN5, nearby to KG2 Roundabout approximately 6 kilometers or 4 miles to the western side of Kigali International Airport. It is also approximately 7 kilometres east of the neighborhood of Kigali so-called Nyabugogo.

Kigali Convention Centre

Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda

In 2007, three Rwandan corporate investors jointly put resources together to set up the real estate complex. Under their joint company, the Ultimate Concept Limited, they chose to establish their own business centre.

The Convention Centre has got four major sections and they include:-

(a) A 5-Star Hotel known as Radisson Blu Hotel Kigali. This accommodation facility has got 292 rooms on the property’s 6th floor.

(b) A Conference center that has a seating capacity of about 2,600 guests

(c) The Kigali Information Technology Park. This park measures 32,200 square meters or around 346,598 square feet of office and retail shop space for rent

(d) A museum, found at the bottom ground of the IT office park.  The Centre whose construction began in 2009, was finished in 2016.

The architectural design of the centre that has progressed considerably over the past decade has changed economic environment plus the sprouting prospects of meeting the building planners, operators and the convention attendees.

The Kigali Centre is a vibrant commercial key point attracting large scale symposiums and eventually a wider national attention to Kigali as a city.

Further, the facility aids in speeding up the formation of international business networks and triggers new investment opportunities since it’s a place for exchanging opinions and ideas.  It also presents greater impact in supporting professional business development, educational, research exchange, technical development and cultural development programmes that all spearhead growth in Kigali in particular and Rwanda a country.

Additionally, the convention centre serves as a cash cow in Kigali having the capacity to host thousands of delegates in a single meeting conference room, firming the country’s position in endeavoring to proclaim with success and as an ideal venue for convening assemblies of global nature. Away from providing efficacies, the centre works as a national milestone highlighted with glass frontages, suspended hangings and mood lights ornamented with inimitable color patterns.

Regarding tourism sector improvement in Rwanda, the facility profits the industry by filling hotels, creating bigger attractions’ exposure plus promoting transnational trade. For visitors who do gorilla trekking in Rwanda at the Volcanoes National Park, they go through Kigali, a business hub for Rwanda. In attracting and enabling large scale symposiums, and high-status social and businesses occasions every year, the centre then acts a spine for the country business sector.

Also, it is a benefit for tourists to Kigali as they acquire the finest delight and malleable services outside their longings. Kigali is a city that conveys people together as they feel at ease in doing business with convenience.

In conclusion, Kigali is heading to the superior confederacy of world capitals due to the hard work by the people and government of Rwanda backed a high degree of patriotism and nationalism. Being among the cleanest, olive green, safest plus most beautiful cities in the whole world, Kigali continues to put the country on the international map with convention centre as added asset to the attractive and good-looking Land of a Thousand Hills.

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Tourism Earnings in Rwanda surge by 25% in 2016 from 2015

Tourism Earnings in Rwanda surge by 25% in 2016 from 2015

Rwanda, the home of mountain gorillas anticipates increasing its tourism earnings this year by 25.8% up from 2015.

According to Francis Gatare, the Chief Executive Officer of the state-run Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the increase is attributed to extra attractions including a new game park.

Rwanda, whose Mountain Gorillas top its tourism chart is prominent for its rolling emerald hills, chimps, golden monkeys and several primate species, lakes and many more has seen tourist revenues hit USD 400 million in 2016 up from USD 318 million of last year.

The visitors’ numbers in 2016 are predictable to upturn by 4% (1.352 million) in 2016 up from 1.3 million that were recorded in 2015.

Gatare said Rwanda wanted to make best use of earnings from visitors “by offering numerous tourism openings for visitors to prolong their stay in the country,”

Gatare added that Gishwati-Mukura, a new national park, the country’s fourth one has been opened,  a cultural village in Kigali, a gigantic new hospitality facility, the Kigali Convention Centre plus the newly created adventure accomplishments on Lake Kivu would upsurge tourism revenues for the country.

Rwanda is recognized for rapid growth ever since the 1994 genocide that engulfed the entire country and claimed close to 800,000 lives. Even though critics of President Paul Kagame assert that his dictatorial style weakens the prospective for an enduring political stability.

The country’s vaporous valleys and mountain gorillas act as a strong enticement for tourists.


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